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WP4Pilot Development

WP4 will provide detailed information as to the optimum development concept for each of the proposed pilots (Paris, Lusitanian and Ebro Basins) to help decide whether they are viable. It will also formulate pilot designs for the secondary sites. 


  • Provide detailed information to enable decisions on viability of each pilot from technical, commercial, social, environmental and regulatory points of view
  • Decisions to be based on a pilot investment proposal for the three promising regions
  • Develop pilot designs for the secondary sites in West Macedonia and Upper Silesia
  • Analyse strategic information to identify and address risks, and enable commitment of resources to maximise chances of success
  • Build and consider robust project life-cycles


D4.1 Methodology for alternatives definition, prioritisation, and selection

The objective of the WP4 is to provide complete information of the optimum development concept applicable to the proposed pilots of Paris Basin (FR), Lusitanian Basin (PT) and Ebro Basin (ES) to go ahead with the decision of whether this pilot is viable technically, commercially, considering social and environmental demands and in the existing European and local regulatory frame. Although each team worked independently and focus on their area particularities, it is concluded a lot of similarities between then. The most relevant is that was (still) somewhat unclear the main goal of the project: pilot or commercial development. After discussion, all now agree that the main goal is to design a carbon pilot injection storage site, and in the case of Spain and Portugal, to check the possibility of upgrade to commercial scale. Other relevant point is the need to qualitatively define the criteria for the pilot’s success.

D4.2 Conceptual scenarios definition to enable decision support

The objective of the WP4 is to provide complete information on the optimum development concept applicable to the proposed pilots. The development concept and its viability decision must be based on strategic information to identify and address existing risks and to commit available resources, maximising the potential for success. This strategic information was identified during a framing session phase conducted previously in the project and summarised in the D4.1 public deliverable “Methodology for alternatives definition, Prioritisation, and Selection,” published in May 2023, for Paris Basin, Lusitanian Basin, and Ebro Basin. In this document in also described the results for West Macedonian and Silesia regions, carried out in October 2023 and September 2023, respectively.

This report shows the different strategies outlined by every region involved in the PilotSTRATEGY projects, before a comprehensive analysis of those strategies and their associated scenarios.

D4.4 Injector well and injection facilities design: methodology, definition, and recommendations

This document serves as a high‐level guide for the design process of a CO2 injector well and its related facilities. In general terms, the knowledge from Oil & Gas industry is applicable to CO2 injector well but taking in mind the most notable differences: the need to ensure an ideal pressure and temperature to inject the CO2, the casing material to avoid corrosion, and the HSE processes to monitor the progress of the CO2 plume. This deliverable facilitates the task 4.2.1 “Different well design alternatives electing a final design based on technical, economic and HSE criteria” and partially comprises the task 4.2.3 “Capture Transport, and storage facilities outline”, including only the storage facilities section.

Other Work Packages



Overall coordination and management of the project internally and externally

  • Day-to-day project management
  • Project Consortium Agreement monitoring
  • Risk management and quality control
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Assembling, acquiring and interpreting geological data

  • Geological modelling of pilot sites (Ebro, Lusitanian and Orleans-Paris Basins)
  • Bespoke data acquisition and usage for each pilot region
  • Re-interpret data for secondary sites (Upper Silesia, West Macedonia)
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Assessment of site storage capacity and integrity

  • Storage capacity and injection strategy
  • CO2 fate in the long term
  • Integrity of near wellbore caprock and fault/fractures
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Pilot Development

Development concepts for proposed pilots (Ebro, Lusitanian and Orleans-Paris Basins)

  • Information to enable decision on viability of each pilot
  • Pilot design and investment proposal
  • Robust project life-cycle
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Ensuring proposed pilots meet the best safety and performance standards

  • Ensure no significant risk of leakage or damage to human health/environment
  • Methodological framework and guidance
  • Recommendations for pilot implementation
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Social Acceptance

Investigating societal acceptance and public engagement

  • Understand public attitudes and needs
  • Build community and stakeholder participation
  • Develop public engagement recommendations
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Communications & Impact

Increasing the visibility and impact of the project

  • Communicate vision and findings
  • Deliver dissemination activities
  • Project data and impact management
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