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WP6Social Acceptance

WP6’s main goal is to investigate public and societal acceptance of CO2 storage pilots in the selected regions and to lay the groundwork for public engagement initiatives.

  • Understand public attitudes, concerns and needs regarding geological storage of CO2 
  • Contribute to site selection in Portugal and Spain by considering social aspects 
  • Examine local acceptance within the wider national and European context 
  • Build participation of local communities and stakeholders; promote two-way learning to support co-ownership and local integration  
  • Develop public engagement recommendations


D6.1 - Regulatory framework for CCUS in the EU and its Member States: An analysis for the EU, six Member States and the UK

In the present report, the political, legislative and financial support system for CCU, but mainly for CCS activities on the EU‐level along with seven Member States and the UK are being analysed. The countries studied comprise the PilotSTRATEGY countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Poland and Greece) and in addition the Netherlands as a Member State and the UK, both as countries more advanced on developing frameworks for CCS. The report highlights the role of EU legislation in the context of development of CCS projects in the Member States. In addition, it analyses the transposition of EU legislation into national law and provides information on further national legislation or support instruments relevant in the context.

D6.2 - Community Acceptance: Findings from community profiles and first local survey

This deliverable by PilotSTRATEGY WP6 on Social Acceptance and Community Engagement reports work on understanding societal contexts in the regions under study in this Horizon 2020 project.WP6 has so far focussed on characterizing the overall setting in which the discussions around potential geological storage of CO2 take place. In a next step, WP6 will centre on actual engagement and participation with key stakeholders and other members of local communities.

D6.2 - Annex 1: Media Analysis Report

D6.2 - Annex 2: Interview Report

D6.2 - Annex 3: Survey findings

D6.3 Citizen engagement strategy

The main objective of this document is to design a hybrid consultation and research strategy to be implemented in the study regions, with the aim of gathering local public views on CCS technologies and a potential CO2 storage project in the region, and to improve the quality of public engagement with CCS projects. The findings and conclusions from the research will provide valuable insights for future CCS projects, as well as inform the development of future public engagement strategies. The activity serves as a valuable tool for the scientific community, policy makers, and stakeholders in the energy sector, as it sheds light on the critical importance of public engagement and community involvement in the development of CCS technologies.

Other Work Packages



Overall coordination and management of the project internally and externally

  • Day-to-day project management
  • Project Consortium Agreement monitoring
  • Risk management and quality control
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Assembling, acquiring and interpreting geological data

  • Geological modelling of pilot sites (Ebro, Lusitanian and Orleans-Paris Basins)
  • Bespoke data acquisition and usage for each pilot region
  • Re-interpret data for secondary sites (Upper Silesia, West Macedonia)
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Assessment of site storage capacity and integrity

  • Storage capacity and injection strategy
  • CO2 fate in the long term
  • Integrity of near wellbore caprock and fault/fractures
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Pilot Development

Development concepts for proposed pilots (Ebro, Lusitanian and Orleans-Paris Basins)

  • Information to enable decision on viability of each pilot
  • Pilot design and investment proposal
  • Robust project life-cycle
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Ensuring proposed pilots meet the best safety and performance standards

  • Ensure no significant risk of leakage or damage to human health/environment
  • Methodological framework and guidance
  • Recommendations for pilot implementation
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Social Acceptance

Investigating societal acceptance and public engagement

  • Understand public attitudes and needs
  • Build community and stakeholder participation
  • Develop public engagement recommendations
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Communications & Impact

Increasing the visibility and impact of the project

  • Communicate vision and findings
  • Deliver dissemination activities
  • Project data and impact management
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