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Presenters on stage

PilotSTRATEGY at the 11th Geological Congress of Spain


The Geological Society of Spain (SGE) and the Geological Survey of Spain (IGME-CSIC) gathered 700 Earth Science specialists in Áv...

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A. Bordenave presenting

France: 3rd Open Doors Event in Grandpuits, May 31, 2024


PilotSTRATEGY is European research rooted in a local territory. In France the project is focused on the Paris Basin, specifically...

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Group photo of partners outside ICS building

Project General Assembly in Lisbon concludes successfully


PilotSTRATEGY team is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our General Assembly held in Lisbon from April 16th to 1...

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Wide shot of a presentation in a conference room

PilotSTRATEGY engages with local citizens in the three promising regions


PilotSTRATEGY is advancing the exploration of three promising carbon storage sites in Portugal, Spain, and France. As part of the...

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Map of regions

Find answers to all your CCS questions


PilotSTRATEGY has produced evidence-based answers to region-specific frequently asked questions (FAQ) about carbon capture and ge...

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Hellenic Parliament group photo

The Hellenic Parliament hosts PilotSTRATEGY researchers


In November 2023, partners at CERTH/CPERI presented their work on CCUS technologies to the Environment Committee at the Hellenic ...

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Isaline Gravaud, Paula Cantelli, and Nikolaos Koukouzas

PilotSTRATEGY researchers at the CO2GeoNet Open Forum


The focus of the 16th edition of the CO2GeoNet Open Forum held in Venice last October was on ways to accelerate geological CO2 st...

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Map reflecting depths below mean sea level of an area of interest in Spain (from D2.7).

Dissecting the geology of pilot sites


Mark Wilkinson, at the University of Edinburgh, has been coordinating efforts to characterise potential CO2 storage sites in Port...

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RSC meeting in Portugal

Portuguese researchers gather stakeholder views on CCS at Figueira da Foz


The second Regional Stakeholder Committee (RSC) meeting in Portugal for the PilotSTRATEGY project took place in Figueira da Foz o...

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Ebro Basin team

Regional profile - Ebro Basin


In Spain, PilotSTRATEGY is working in the Ebro Basin in the north-east of the country near Zaragoza, halfway between Quinto and B...

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