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Seismic acquisition study

Blog: 3D Seismic Acquisition - Grandpuits, France


Safe storage of CO₂ deep in the earth requires an extensive knowledge of the subsurface, such as the geometry of the geological layers ...

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Picture of Pavlos in the field

Profile: Dr Pavlos Tyrologou – early fascination with geology leads to wide-ranging career


Co-leader of PilotSTRATEGY’s work in Greece studied in the UK, joining our partner CERTH in 2018 Like many youngsters, Pavlos Tyrologo...

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Cimpor's Souselas cement factory

Bringing CCS to Portugal's Lusitanian Basin: choosing storage sites and engaging with stakeholders


With an important decision looming, PilotSTRATEGY’s team in Portugal is racing to collate as much evidence and analysis as possible. In...

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Blog: Assessing social and political support for CCS in southern and eastern Europe


In this blog, Dr Vicki Duscha and Dr Elisabeth Dütschke of Fraunhofer ISI discuss their analysis of European regulatory frameworks for ...

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Seismic campaign in Spain's Ebro Basin

Quest for CO2 storage to bring CCS to new parts of Europe


PilotSTRATEGY’s project coordinator shares her ambitions for the project and our plans to share the findings widely It sounds a simple...

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PilotSTRATEGY co2 storage sites in Portugal

Search for suitable CO2 storage sites gathers pace in Portugal


Our colleagues in Portugal have been out in the field laying seismic monitoring networks as part of their geocharacterisation research ...

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Two pictures of Fernanda climbing

Profile: Fernanda Veloso - love of rocks leads to high-level career in Europe


Born in Brazil, our project coordinator studied in France and Spain and worked for Total before joining BRGM, the French Geological Sur...

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STRATEGY CCUS regional stakeholder committee meeting

Why PilotSTRATEGY was born: addressing the shortage of CO2 storage sites and building acceptance of CCS


How STRATEGY CCUS led to, and informed development of, PilotSTRATEGY When the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme launched a fundi...

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Spanish campaign

Fieldwork gets underway in Spain: PilotSTRATEGY researchers collect valuable evidence to determine best potential CO2 storage site


And we’re off! Our colleagues from Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME-CSIC), the Geological Survey of Spain, have wasted no...

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PilotSTRATEGY launch - international project to support European regions develop low-carbon energy and industry


An ambitious international CO2 storage project to support the development of low-carbon energy and industry in southern and eastern Eur...

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