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Find answers to all your CCS questions

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PilotSTRATEGY has produced evidence-based answers to region-specific frequently asked questions (FAQ) about carbon capture and geological storage (CCS).

Researchers at SCCS have coordinated the publication of five sets of FAQ relevant to the regions involved in the PilotSTRATEGY project: Portugal, Spain, France, Poland and Greece.

Project partners in each of these countries collected questions from stakeholder engagement events and sent them to the SCCS team who were able to provide accurate and accessible answers.

“We were able to use our previous work on commonly asked and critical questions about CO2 Geological Storage as a starting point and engaged with relevant experts to answer some of the more technical or region-specific questions,” explains Dr Erika Palfi, Scientific Research Officer, SCCS.

Questions range from general ones — such as ‘How can we be sure that it is safe?’ ‘How will we know if the CO2 leaks?’ — to more technical ones regarding the required infrastructure and cost. Region-specific questions reflect the stakeholders’ concerns about implementing CCS in particular geological sites. These include questions about CO2 storage capacity; who will undertake the construction of the CCS project and monitor the infrastructure; its impact on the landscape and whether it will generate income for the region.

“This project was not just about answering questions; it was about building a foundation for informed dialogue and decision-making in the sphere of climate change mitigation,” says Palfi.

“The variety of questions that emerged from the different regions emphasised the importance of producing clear, tailored information to improve the understanding, acceptance and support of CCS technologies at specific sites.”

 The questions and answers have been translated into Portuguese, Spanish, French, Polish and Greek and can be accessed following the links below:

Portugal: Perguntas Frequentes

Spain: Preguntas Frecuentes

France: Questions fréquentes

Poland: Często Zadawane Pytania

Greece: συχνές ερωτήσεις

“These FAQ documents are an important contribution to a better understanding of CCUS in Europe,” says Dr Romain Viguier, Business Development & Project Manager, SCCS.

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