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Team in Greece publishes paper

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The team in Greece has had a paper, Progress for carbon dioxide geological storage in West Macedonia: A field and laboratory-based survey, published in Open Research Europe in the Carbon Reduction, (Re)use, and Removal Technologies and Practices collection.

The investigation includes geomechanical and petrophysical methods to characterise sedimentary formations for their potential to hold CO2 underground.

Samples were found to have both low porosity and permeability while the corresponding uniaxial strength for the Tsotyli formation was 22 MPa, for Eptechori 35 MPa and Pentalofo 74 MPa.

The samples investigated indicate the potential to act as rock caps due to low porosity and permeability, but fluid pressure within the rock should remain within specified limits; otherwise, the rock may easily fracture and result in CO2 leakage or/and deform to allow the flow of CO2. Further investigation is needed to identify reservoir rocks as well more sampling to allow for statistically significant results.

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