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PilotSTRATEGY researchers at the CO2GeoNet Open Forum

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Isaline Gravaud, Paula Cantelli, and Nikolaos Koukouzas

The focus of the 16th edition of the CO2GeoNet Open Forum held in Venice last October was on ways to accelerate geological CO2 storage to help meet climate targets.

Over the course of 3 days, over one hundred people shared their experiences from working on CO2 storage projects in operation or in development in Europe and North America, and discussed the potential of geological CO2 storage for mitigating climate change.

As part of the session “Building Onshore CO2 Storage in the US and Europe”, Isaline Gravaud (BRGM) and Paula Cantelli (IGME), presented PilotSTRATEGY’s activities in France and Spain, highlighting progress in characterising the technical and non-technical aspects related to the onshore sites of Grandpuits in France (Seine-et-Marne) and Lopín in Spain (Zaragoza).

Their talk can be watched here.

In the session “Driving CCUS forward: project and infrastructure development”, Nikolaos Koukouzas (CERTH/CPERI) presented PilotSTRATEGY activities in the Mesohellenic Basin in West Macedonia. The results of a sampling campaignsuggest that areas inside of the Pentalofos and Eptachori formation may have suitable reservoir properties for CO2 storage.

His talk can be watched here

“It was a very fruitful event that brought together not just members of EU CCS networks, but also young researchers, operational actors from US and Canada and project managers from various industries interested in the latest advances in CCUS projects,“ said Gravaud.

A summary of key messages from the meeting can be found here:


The next CO2GeoNet Open Forum meeting entitled: Upscaling to gigatonnes every year, will take place 21-22 May 2024 in Venice and will focus on optimising CCS to meet climate targets.
Register to attend here: https://conference2024.co2geonet.com/
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